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FLEX offers a double support:

1. At the level of the chondrocytes: Chondrocytes ensure a continuous breakdown and reconstruction of cartilage. This is a natural and necessary process. Normally, destruction and reconstruction are in balance. Research has shown that certain nutrients can favorably influence this balance.

2. FLEX contains essential elements for rebuilding damage. The cartilage will then produce better quality/more viscous synovial fluid, so that everything is better shock-absorbing and lubricated, resulting in a smoother moving animal. FLEX is also used preventively to maintain healthy tendons and joints in horses in sport. You can learn more about it by clicking on the arthritis and limping pages.

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With regard to dosage for horse, it is best to follow the schedule below:

If support with cartilage reconstruction is necessary, the administration should preferably be provided for a minimum of 12 weeks.

If your horse also “doesn’t feel well”, has dull coat, has less energy, it is recommended that you also start a treatment with CLEAR STRONG at the same time, so that the effect of the supplement will be even more optimal.

FLEX by GOLDMEDICS and FLEX PLATINUM  for horses are available in 1 liter and a more cost-effective 5 liter.

Only ingredients that have a scientifically proven effect and achieved visible results in our practices are used.

Acetylglucosamine supports the avoidance of pain, swelling and stiffness and is more efficient than the commonly used glucosamine because glucosamine must first be converted by the body into acetylglucosamine before being active. Acetylglucosamine is one of the 8 essential amino sugars in the body; it is the building block for hyaluronic acid and a crucial element for the biosynthesis of glycoaminoglycans necessary for the synthesis of bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues.

Sodium hyaluronic acid functions in the joint as a shock absorber and lubricant. Hyaluronic acid also ensures the synthesis of proteoglycans, the main factor of elasticity of the cartilage. We chose a molecular size that is better absorbed into the body and has been shown to migrate effectively to the joint.

Two different collagen peptides are added. Seventy percent of cartilage is made up of collagen. Research with these peptides showed improvement in suppleness and vitality. They also meet the increased need for nutrients for the musculoskeletal system under heavy load and in the growth phase.

In people who have taken the supplement for 3 months compared to people who have taken a placebo (similar product but without active ingredients) during those 3 months, the effect of the supplement on the new repair of the cartilage is clear. The mechanism was illustrated ex vivo on canine chondrocytes by a decreased degradation and an increased build-up. More info here

Bamboo extract contains the highest level of natural silicon of all plant extracts. Silicon is known for its role in bone mineralization, collagen synthesis, hyaluronan synthesis and immune system stimulation.

MSM reduces oxidative stress and helps to soothe inflammation. It is also an important organic sulfur compound. Different hormones, enzymes, proteins, the structure and firmness of cartilage, skin and hair depend on the concentration of sulfur in the body. Sulfur is also one of the main components of collagen, present in joints, tendons and ligaments. Here you will find more information about it.

There are also beneficial side effects of using FLEX on coat and hooves.

In addition to the ingredients of FLEX by GOLDMEDICS , in FLEX PLATINUM , Coenzyme Q10 enriched extract is also added. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential ingredient for the energy and thus function of every body cell. Q10 is most useful for cells with high energy needs such as muscles (incl. heart), tendons and ligaments. In stressful situations, trauma, use of pharmaceuticals, aging, there is often too little Q10 naturally available and supplementation is desirable.

In addition, Curcumin is also added in FLEX PLATINUM in an exceptionally absorbable form. Curcumin is a very powerful antioxidant that helps with inflammation. Curcumin is the pure active ingredient; this in contrast to Curcuma (the root itself) which contains only 0.6 to 5% curcumin on dry matter. More info here

And finally, FLEX PLATINUM also contains a dose of prebiotics. Prebiotics are substances that have a beneficial effect on the flora of the gastrointestinal tract; because they are substrate (food) for the good flora and ensure that “bad” flora is kept under control. The microbial intestinal flora is currently often described as the “forgotten” organ. There are more bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract than cells in the body. It is one of the finest examples of synergy between guest and host after centuries of evolution. A direct beneficial connection between the gut microbiome and the joints has been demonstrated.

Read more about prebiotics here.

To choose between FLEX by GOLDMEDICS and FLEX PLATINUM look at the image below

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If your horse is clearly in pain, you can opt for a combination of FLEX with DOLO-LESS DOLO-LESS GOLD  will help to ease the pain.
Look at an administration schedule below. More info about DOLO-LESS GOLD on this link.

Studies on influencing osteoarthritis via intestinal flora have repeatedly shown that an improvement in intestinal flora leads to less inflammation, supports joint function and reduces cartilage breakdown.

GOLDMEDICS has now further concretized its many years of experience in intestinal flora support in GOLDBIOTICS ICU EQUINE , a product that has been shown, among other things, to increase the particularly useful volatile fatty acid production by the intestinal flora by more than 60%.

The combination of the Flex range with GOLDBIOTICS ICU EQUINE  is therefore strongly recommended.

Some horses with laminitis were given FLEX PLATINUM  by our vets with very good results.
It is suspected that a mechanism analogous to that which stimulates chondrocytes in cartilage is also initiated in the hoof.


  • Liquid supplement aimed at optimal functioning of your horse's movement mechanism; a natural solution if you don't want medication.
  • The first choice of horse specialist veterinarians; probably the most efficient joint supplement on the market.
  • Only available through your vet or at this shop.
  • GoldMedics is a team of 4 Veterinarians and 2 PhD in Science that designs, develops, tests, produces and markets its products itself.
  • "There is always a better way" Thomas Edison (1880; 1,400 patents). The GoldMedics Team agrees and therefore acts according to the latest scientific knowledge.
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