GOLDMEDICS  is a combination of the knowhow in feed supplements for horses and dogs by specialized veterinarians with those of one of the founders of functional food ingredients in Europe.

 Our principles in the development of our products are:

. The effects of the ingredients in our products should be scientifically substantiated and the quantities in the daily dose should be adequate.

. Our product should be as good as the best available on the global market and preferably better

. Before launching, the effectiveness of each new product tested for a considerable time within the own practice

We are ready to advise you by phone or via email. The reactions of the users / owners are  extremely positive.

An overview of the product line:

FLEX provides essential building blocks for joints, tendons, ligaments and bones of horse and dog.

DOLO-LESS helps to fight inflammation and pain in horses and dogs.

POWER supports muscle growth and protects the horse against muscle loss during intense exercise and rehabilitation.

COMBI provides a daily general support for all horses and dogs.

CLEAR support the liver, kidney and gallbladder function in horses.

VITA E  is the best source of Natural Vitamin E available on the market.