About us

GOLDMEDICS is a combination of more than 25 years experience in food supplements by veterinarians of the Morette (the leading horse and small animal veterinary practices in Belgium) with over 30 years experience of one of the founders of functional food ingredients in Europe. Functional food is food that goes beyond basic nutrition, as it promotes optimal health and reduces the risk of diseases.

Before launching our own supplement range, we have researched and tested the supplements already on the market. To our regret we found that several among them

• contain ingredients whose action is not enough backed by scientific evidence

• or contain a too low level of useful ingredients

• or do not include the amounts that are claimed on the label

• or do not take into account the latest proven scientific insights.

Our basic rules in the establishment of the new range of our own products therefor are:

• the effects of the ingredients in our products should be scientifically substantiated

• the amounts in the daily dose should be adequate

• our product should be as good as the best available on the global market and preferably better

• each product should be first tested in our own practice for effectiveness

• we are ready to advise you by phone or via email.

As a result of the above reactions of the users / owners are extremely positive.

Dr. Anke Smits  +32 495 59 65 31       anke@goldmedics.com

Dr. Georges Smits +32 475 490 760   info@goldmedics.com