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CLEAR DOG supports the purifying functions of the dog’s liver and kidneys. The stimulation of the liver is important for detoxification and purification of the blood and general health.

Utilization of food and supplements can improve after a treatment with CLEAR DOG 

Important: Only ingredients that have a scientifically proven effect and achieved visible results in our practice were used for CLEAR .

First of all: milk thistle – of the herbs that are used for liver and kidneys – is the product for which there is the most scientific substantiation. We use a preparation with the highest silymarin (a mixture of polyphenols) content. Milk thistle has been used for humans for over 2000 years; several studies indicate its supportive effect for the liver. The precipitation in CLEAR comes from the generous dosage of this ingredient.

Magnesium sulfate is known to support bile secretion and result in better digestion.

Then there is Methionine, an essential (= cannot be synthesized by the dog itself and must be obtained through the diet or supplements) amino acid. As a sulfur-containing amino acid, methionine is essential for the protein synthesis and biosynthesis of a wide range of organic substances, including adrenaline and creatine. In dogs, methionine is also converted into cysteine ​​and glutathione, which are very important for optimal liver function.

CLEAR also contains choline, officially recognized as an essential nutrient. The body can synthesize a small amount of it, but most of it must be absorbed through food or supplements. A shortage of choline can lead to damage due to fat storage.

Carnitine  plays an important role in the energy production of the body. It is normally synthesized in liver and kidneys. It has a degreasing effect on the liver, among other things. Research shows the benefit of supplementing with carnitine. Supplementation also supports heart and skeletal muscles.

B Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) are a group of water-soluble vitamins that play a role in extracting energy from nutrients. B12 is stored in the liver. In case of deficiencies in B vitamins, the liver can no longer do its job properly.

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CLEAR DOG comes in a pack of 100 ml. A normal treatment is 7 days. When stronger support is needed, another treatment of 1 week, after 1 week in between.

Small dog (<7 kg): 2.5 ml/day; larger dogs (>7 kg): 5 ml/day

To be mixed with food or via a syringe in the mouth.

Not to be used on pregnant cats or dogs

Its insufficient functioning quickly results in a reduction in performance, weight loss, duller coat and an insufficient effect of food, medication, vitamins or nutritional supplements. The changing of the seasons, especially autumn and spring, administering medication, stress, special efforts, …. are all very taxing on the liver.


  • Supports the purifying functions of the dog's liver and kidneys, many dogs "revive" after a treatment with CLEAR DOG.
  • The first choice of specialist dog veterinarians; probably the most efficient liver supplement on the market.
  • Only available through your vet or at this shop
  • GoldMedics is a team of 4 Veterinarians and 2 Doctors in Science that designs, develops, tests, produces and markets its products itself.
  • "There is always a better way" Thomas Edison (1880; 1,400 patents). The GoldMedics Team agrees and therefore acts according to the latest scientific knowledge.
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