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POWER GOLD supports the muscle building of the horse and helps with rehabilitation; it is a mixture of vegetable oils and yeast extract. It also protects against muscle loss during intensive exercise.

Moreover, the effect of administering POWER GOLD after treatment with the high dose is usually already visible after 14 days.

GOLDMEDICS is thé solution if you do not want to use pharmaceuticals; moreover, the products are only available through your vet or on this GOLDMEDICS shop!

Also for horses in rehabilitation or having lost weight, administering POWER GOLD will ensure that the horses compensate faster for their weight loss, so that  better performance results are again achieved.

GOLDMEDICS, as the only one in the horse supplement sector, also uses a unique co-enzyme Q10 rich yeast extract for POWER GOLD, which has been shown to work not only on muscles, tendons and ligaments but also on many other body organs. POWER is also the result of 30 years of guidance of sport horses, especially in the jumping and racing world by specialized professional veterinarians in collaboration with one of the European pioneers of functional nutrition.

Only ingredients that have a scientifically proven effect and achieve visible results in our practice are used.

PLEASE NOTE: if the horses participate in competitions, the treatment must be stopped 72 hours before. This short period has no influence on the positive results of the supplement.


POWER GOLD supports the horse with muscle building and helps with rehabilitation.

Maintenance dose: 20ml / day for a 500 kg horse

With extra effort is asked: 40 ml / day

Content of the bottle: 1L

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