Full daily support for horses: COMBI GOLD and COMBI PLATINUM

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Full Daily support of your horse: COMBI GOLD and COMBI PLATINUM. Better than using multiple supplements.

 Your horse does not have specific problems, but you do want to reduce the chances for them in the future? Do you want to help your horse to live healthily longer?  Are you convinced that roughage is actually better than concentrate for your horse and do you want to make sure that nothing is missing if you omit concentrates? Does your horse has to take medication soon, and do you want to help protect its flora against the negative effects of these drugs?  

GOLDMEDICS is thé solution if you do not want to use pharmaceuticals ; moreover, the products are only available through your vet or on this GOLDMEDICS shop!


What is it?

COMBI GOLD and COMBI PLATINUM are balanced liquid  natural supplements for daily use aimed at full support of all horses, including those in competition. COMBI  contains, among other things, a number of ingredients of FLEX, CLEAR and VITA E in a lower dose, but sufficient to provide efficient support in daily use, hence the name COMBI . COMBI is a synergistic blend of unique nutritional ingredients that is not yet available on the market. Instead of giving multiple supplements, you are in good hands with COMBI, unless there are specific  problems. COMBI GOLD is a powerful formula and COMBI PLATINUM is even more powerfull. COMBI PLATINUM contains 50% more prebiotics and also Coenzyme Q10.

What for is the use of COMBI recommended?

. As a daily vitamin / mineral supplement. There is a growing consensus in the scientific world that for by far the majority of horses, including most sport horses competing at the national level, a feed of only roughage combined with a good daily vitamin / mineral preparation is the best choice. COMBI  perfectly meets this last requirement. . As an aid in protecting an optimal microbial intestinal flora in the event of changes in external factors.The quality and activity of the intestinal flora is of particular importance for the health and performance of horses. External factors such as transport, stress, changes in the quality of roughage and giving concentrates can lead to negative changes. COMBI helps to minimize these. . As an aid in protecting an optimal microbial intestinal flora when using medication. Many forms of medication damage the composition and functioning of the intestinal flora. This is the case for antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers and anesthesia. COMBI  provides supportive protection against these attacks on the flora. We know of cases of horses, which almost always produced very liquid manure and returned to normal in a very short time after complete conversion to roughage and COMBI . . Corrects nutritional imbalances. Disruption of the gut microbiome due to nutritional imbalances leads to many problems. COMBI helps to minimize these. . To prevent the loss of immunity with aging. Most of the horse's immune system is supplied by its intestinal flora. COMBI  contributes to the maintenance of an optimal intestinal flora. . To combat degenerative aging symptoms.One of the most important changes in aging is the occurrence of chronic inflammation at a relatively low level, which leads to tissue degeneration, the so-called "inflamm-aging". This plays a role in the deterioration process with aging, reduced energy production and deterioration of immunity. Ingredients in COMBI help prevent this. Furthermore, the majority of the horse's immune system is supplied by its intestinal flora. COMBI contributes to the maintenance of an optimal intestinal flora by the prebiotics present in COMBI. . To reduce the risk or severity of joint problems. Chondrocytes in joints continuously break down and rebuild cartilage. Normally, demolition and reconstruction are in balance. Research has shown that certain nutrients can positively influence this balance. Chances are that the majority of horses will be confronted with them with aging. To reduce this risk or reduce its importance, the use of an efficient daily supplement such as COMBI  is a good support. . To safeguard the function of the liver. The liver is a particularly important organ; its inadequate functioning quickly results in a reduction in performance, weight loss, dull fur and an inadequate effect of food, medication, vitamins or dietary supplements. Changing seasons, especially fall and spring, administering medication, stress, special efforts, transport, ... are all very stressful for the liver. COMBI supports its metabolism.

Which are the main ingredients?

Only ingredients that have a scientifically proven effect are used. Prebiotics. Prebiotics are substances that exert a favorable influence on the flora of the gastrointestinal tract; because they are substrate (food) for the good flora and ensure that "bad" flora is kept under control. The microbial intestinal flora is currently often described as the "forgotten" organ. There are more bacteria present in the gastrointestinal tract than cells in the body. It is one of the best examples of synergy between guest and host after centuries of evolution. The most important part of the host's immune system is in this flora. A good composition and functioning of this flora in one of the most important factors for general health; this has been demonstrated in hundreds of scientific publications. The prebiotics present in COMBI are a sophisticated mixture of various active substances to ensure that the flora is supported over the longest possible trajectory of the horse's gastrointestinal tract. COMBI GOLD contains a significant amount of prebiotics. In COMBI PLATINUM there is even a 50% higher concentration! For those who would like to know more about the exceptional properties of prebiotics, click here . A collagen peptide with a very specific molecular weight was added. Seventy percent of cartilage consists of collagen. Research with these peptides showed improvement in flexibility and vitality. In people who have taken the supplement for 3 months compared to people who have taken a placebo (comparable product but without active ingredients) during those 3 months, the effect of the ingredient  is spectacular. Magnesium sulfate is known to support bile secretion and results in better digestion. The liver is a particularly important organ; its inadequate functioning quickly results in a reduction in performance, weight loss, dull fur and an inadequate effect of food, medication, vitamins or dietary supplements. Changing seasons, especially fall and spring, administering medication, stress, special efforts, ... are all very stressful for the liver. L-Methionine (the natural form; therefore not a racemic, chemical mixture) is an essential amino acid (= cannot be synthesized by the horse itself and must be involved through the diet or supplements). As a sulfur-containing amino acid, L-Methionine is essential for the protein synthesis and biosynthesis of a whole range of organic substances including adrenaline and creatine. In the horse, methionine is also converted to cysteine and glutathione, which is of great importance for optimal liver function. As a sulfur-containing amino acid, methionine also improves hoof quality and hoof formation. Easily absorbable vitamins and minerals are also present in COMBI. An extensive list of vitamins / minerals is present in most mineral / vitamin supplements on the market. The reality, however, is that with a good basic diet of the horse many of them are already sufficiently present so that the extras are simply excreted by the body. Our starting point for COMBI has been different. We have investigated what is systematically deficient and only these have been added in sufficient quantity. Iron, Manganese, Selenium and Cobalt. Blood analysis, which is usually used to determine the mineral deficiencies in the horse, is not the correct method to determine these deficiencies. Scientific research shows that for most minerals there is no relationship between the level in the blood and the level in the body cells (where the minerals ultimately have to do their job!). A better method is mane analysis. Based on this, it has been determined that the minerals that most horses have shortages are Iron, Manganese, Selenium and Cobalt. In a not insignificant part of our horses, the values for these minerals are frighteningly low. The most important function of Iron is the production of blood. Essential functions of Manganese lie in cartilage structure and skeletal structure. Some enzyme systems, especially oxidases and trans aminases, require Manganese to function. Selenium is an antioxidant, softens inflammatory and it acts as an antagonist to toxic heavy metals by excreting them through formation of soluble complexes. Selenium is important for thyroid metabolism and problems with muscles, tendons and ligaments occur when the values are too low. Cobalt plays a role in the production of red blood cells (oxygen transport), repairing the myelin of the nervous system and the functioning of the pancreas. B Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) are a group of water-soluble vitamins that play a role in extracting energy from nutrients and in cell metabolism. B12 is stored in the liver. With Vitamins B deficiency, the liver can no longer do its job properly. Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol, the natural form; therefore not a racemic, chemical mixture) is an antioxidant. It protects against the harmful influence of free radicals, which affect cells, tissues and organs. Vitamin E also plays a role in neurological functions and in the immune system. Deficiencies can lead to ataxia and myopathy. Our experience is that many horses usually or at certain times of the year show deficiencies in Vitamin E. MSM reduces oxidative stress and has a soothing effect on inflammation. Moreover, it is an important organic sulfur compound. Different hormones, enzymes, proteins, the structure and firmness of cartilage, skin and hair depend on the concentration of sulfur in the body. Sulfur is also one of the most important mineral components of collagen, present in joints, tendons and ligaments. In COMBI PLATINUM , a yeast extract enriched in Coenzyme Q10 has also been added. Coenzyme Q 10 not only works on muscles, tendons and ligaments, but also on all other body organs. Coenzyme Q 10 is also one of the best regenerators of Vitamin E in the body, so that the efficiency of Vitamin E increases significantly. An interesting side effect is the beneficial effects that COMBI exerts on skin and hair.

What are the dosages?

Daily full support of the horse: COMBI GOLD and COMBI PLATINUM. Dosage: The dose is 25/30 ml / day per 500 kg horse. In the case of protection against an acute external stress factor or intestinal flora disrupting medication, a double dose is recommended, preferably from a few days before. Content of the bottle: 1L and 5L ATTENTION: If stronger support is required, the use of FLEX, POWER and CLEAR is more appropriate.  

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