The improvement is nothing short of spectacular!

Hello Georges,

Below our review (story), written in all objectivity, you can do what you want with it…:

“Since our Labrador mix Malo cannot write, it is down to his family to thank the developers of the products, in this case Platinum Flex and Dololess, for the existence of these  products.
Malo, now 5 years old, has a serious dysplasia that favors the development of osteoarthritis in the hips and in his case also in the L-knee. He became passive, didn’t like to walk and play there so painfully and the cries he often uttered when getting up from a lying position hurt our hearts.

The vets at the veterinary clinic in Visé also recommended trying glucosamine-containing preparations because a possible operation was not yet indicated. We opted for a well-known American product (which is also commercialized under license in Europe). After 3 months there was an improvement, but we were not 100% satisfied, painful cries remained and the dog had started to limp on his left front leg and remained a bit depressed and too calm.

During further research on the internet, we happened upon the Goldmedics products. Initially treated with a healthy dose of skepticism, but finally ordered (…what do you not do for the dog you love), initially Platinum Flex in combination with Dolo-Less and after about 6 weeks only Platinum.

The improvement is nothing short of spectacular. Malo likes to play back and to walk and…the limp is hardly perceptible anymore, there are no more cries of pain when getting up from a lying position…in short, he has found his joy in life again (and so have we)…. a pleasure to see him back at it again, so cheerful, so dynamic.
Big big thanks in the name of Malo to the Goldmedics team.

Our vet, who is also open to alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, … has followed this positive evolution with surprise, and is now also convinced of the Goldmedics products.”

Kind regards

John Billiet