COMBI better than all other supplements

Hi Anke,

A short testimonial for you 🙂

My horse had been suffering from manure water since March this year.
No diarrhoea, his manure looks normal but every now and then a large amount of fluid comes with it or worse, while brushing he could suddenly start kicking and then there was a manure water without manure.

Tried a few things in terms of nutrition but I don’t think I can do much wrong with 2x a day half a scoop of Equifyt Balance Muesli + 6 to 7 kg of dedusted hay, alternating with their semi-dried hay.
Horse is outside 24/24 unless very bad weather. Meadows are a bit sparse but don’t think this is a disadvantage.

Vet consulted: manure and blood tests. No abnormalities.
Followed advice and started  BIOSPONGE and YEASACC for 3 weeks.
No result.

Left for 2 weeks and tried homeopathy treatment.
No result.

And then I thought, let’s see at Goldmedics because Flex Gold was also administered for a while with good results.
Ordered Combi Platinum.
Started with a daily dose of 30 ml. The first 2 days the problem got much worse and then suddenly: gone manure water!
What a success!

My liter is almost empty, I have ordered a 5 liter bottle because at the moment he is very good with it.
Hopefully we’re out.

Congratulations on your product!