Mare reborn with CLEAR REGULAR and DOLO-LESS

A few months ago I was asked to treat a 28-year-old mare. She had been tripping for a while, but recently started to have recurring hoof ulcers and irregularity.

During the examination it emerged that the liver needed support and that the mare (logically at her age) suffered from osteoarthritis.

The owner started with Clear Regular. Given her age, we slowly built this up to the recommended dose. She visibly improved and the recurring hoof ulcers disappeared.

When she was feeling a bit better internally and the cure was completed, we switched to Dolo Less Gold. The owner started out somewhat sceptical because many natural painkillers in the past had little or no effect.

After a few weeks she told me enthusiastically about how well her horse was doing. When we started a few months ago she could no longer be ridden, now she can go on a walk through the woods again on Sunday.

She walks cleanly and she hardly stumbles anymore. She enjoys it again in her old age.

Grateful and happy that the products could support to give this combination some extra time in the saddle.

Nadieh Haarsma