DOLO- LESS saves the mare from euthanasia

In January 2021 our horse Penelope KWPN (then 24, now 25 years old) became ill. We found out she had a severe stomach ulcer. She often lay, scraped, ate less and looked unfit. She lost a lot of weight and muscle during that time. At that time she was only ridden recreationally in the forest, about 3 times a week.
She then spent more than two weeks at the clinic with all kinds of medication that can be given against a stomach ulcer. She was also on prednisolone.
In the end she came back to our stable to see if she would be happier there.
She did make some progress after weeks of continuous medication, but she didn’t really improve.

In September she had to go back to the clinic because she showed many symptoms again. She scraped, kicked and looked very angry.
When she was back at the clinic we found out that she had a small bowel infection. She was also found to have Cushing’s disease.
Again she was treated with prednisolone for small bowel inflammation and medication for Cushing’s disease.

All the while it went up and down with Penelope. She did gain some weight but not much and continued to have discomfort.
Because of this, we often had to ask ourselves what was best for Penelope. If she could live on like this.

We were looking for a product that relieves pain and that we can use every day.
We cannot use Metacam due to the risk of stomach ulcers.

In February 2022 we started Dolo-less Gold through the vet.
We are now about 2.5 months and the results are very good.

She started to eat much better, which actually made her gain weight. We are still watching her very closely and we don’t see any inconveniences anymore.
She is also much more flexible in her body.
She looks happy again and likes to go for a walk (she is no longer ridden since her illness).

In short;
We have our horse back as before the disease. What would not have happened without dolo-less gold!

We’ve tried to lower the dose a few times because of the cost, but every time we do this we see that she gets more discomfort.
We don’t know what caused this at this point, probably old age.
We therefore continue to use the recommended dosage.

Yours sincerely,
Meike van Kampen, Sterksel, The Netherlands