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CLEAR GOLD Regular and Strong support the purifying functions of the liver and kidneys, important organs to detoxify and purify the blood and for general health.

The use of CLEAR Strong is appropriate when urgent and acute assistance is necessary; it is a treatment that runs over 5 days. CLEAR Regular is a product for daily preventive use and will support the liver and kidneys to bridge a difficult period.

The most preferred treatment is to start with a 5 day treatment with Strong, followed by several weeks Regular intake.


CLEAR GOLD is the result of 25 years of support for all types of horses, including jumping, show, dressage and racehorses by veterinarians of De Morette. De Morette is the leading veterinary practice in Belgium.

GOLDMEDICS has materialized this know-how in collaboration with one of the European pioneers of functional foods into its own range of supplements.


The liver is a particularly important organ; the inadequate functioning of it quickly results in a decrease in performance, weight loss, duller coat and insufficient results of feeding, medication, vitamins or dietary supplements. Seasonal changes, especially autumn and spring, administration of medication, stress, intense efforts .... are all strong burdens on the liver.

Only ingredients that have a scientifically proven effect and that have achieved outstanding results in the veterinary practice are used for CLEAR GOLD.

These are the main ingredients of both CLEAR GOLD’s:

Milk thistle extract is among the herbs, which are used to support liver and kidney, the extract which the strongest scientific base. We use a preparation with the highest silymarin (a mixture of polyphenols) content. Milk thistle has been used for over 2000 years in human medicine; several studies point to the protection of the liver against toxins and support for the liver in the regeneration of new cells.

The precipitation that is present in CLEAR is due to a large dose of this ingredient.

Magnesium sulfate has liver purifying properties and a stimulating effect on bile secretion, resulting in improved digestion.

Methionine is an essential (= can not be synthesized by the horse and must be provided through diet or supplements) amino acid. As a sulfur-containing amino acid methionine is essential for protein synthesis and biosynthesis of a whole range of organic compounds such as adrenaline and creatine. The horse converts methionine also to cysteine ??and glutathione, both of great importance for the detoxification of the liver. As a sulfur-containing amino acid methionine improves also hoof quality.

Choline is officially recognized as an essential nutrient. The body can synthesize a small amount of it, but the majority must be absorbed through food or supplements. A deficiency of choline can result in muscle damage. Choline can prevent harmful storage of fat in the liver.

Carnitine plays an important role in the energy production of the body. It is normally synthesized in the liver and kidneys. It has a degreasing effect of the liver among others. It is shown that supplementation with carnitine improves severe hepatic disorders. The amount of carnitine in roughage is usually too low; supplementing it also supports the heart and skeletal muscles.

B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) is a group of water-soluble vitamins that play a role in extracting energy from nutrients. B12 is stored in the liver. When shortages of B-vitamins occur, the liver is not able to function properly.

Inositol is a vitamin-like substance that is often associated with the B vitamins.


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CLEAR Strong (5 days, 2 x 50 ml / day) comes in a container of 500 ml, so for a treatment for 5 days in the case of acute problems.

CLEAR Regular is a product for preventive and long-term treatment (bottle of 1 L, 2 x 20 ml / day)


One important remark: Milk thistle extract is only very slightly soluble in water and will deposit at the bottom.

Therefor: Shake before every use!



We will gladly inform you further via email or by phone.


Dr. Georges Smits +32 475 490 760

Dr. Filip De keersmaecker +32 475 455 452

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